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PLS 300

PLS 300


  • £70.88

User benefit

  • Ideal addition to your Bosch jigsaw from the DIY range
  • The mobile saw station can be used to make straight cuts quickly and safely in laminate, parquet, plastic and aluminium. Place the workpiece on the station, close the aluminium guide – then saw in perfect straight lines
  • The Tile Cutter PTC 1 also makes it easy to score and then break tiles or glass in an angle range of -45° to +45°

Other features

  • For precise rip, angle and mitre cuts
  • Precise guidance of the jigsaw due to guide channel
  • Simply position, set and saw
  • Can be used as an additional support for cutouts and rip cuts
  • High level of mobility due to low weight and small product dimensions
  • Horizontal and vertical mitre angles ± 45°
  • Max. cut length for cross cuts (90°) 315 mm, max. cutting height 25 mm
Technical data

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