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New £53.27 Bosch QUIGO III - CROSS LINE LASER - 0603663770 - 3165140859851

New £53.27 Bosch QUIGO III - CROSS LINE LASER - 0603663770 - 3165140859851


  • £53.27
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 2 Year Collect & Return Warranty Included          Bosch Quigo Plus Cross Line Laser
    • The Bosch Quigo Plus enables DIYers to align objects with exceptional precision. This cross line laser projects one horizontal and one vertical laser line onto the wall, and the lines have marks on them. It therefore helps users to align objects at evenly spaced intervals. This self-levelling tool is especially user-friendly because it is operated easily using a sliding switch.

    Key product features

      • Align at equal and variable distances thanks to markings on the laser line
      • Simultaneously projects a horizontal and vertical laser line
      • Automatic alignment – always 100% straight

    Other product advantages

      • Supported by arrangement of objects at equal distance
      • Perfect for quick, straight alignment of pictures, borders, wallpaper, tiles and objects
      • Positioning the tool at an incline projects the markings at gradually increasing or decreasing distances, which opens up many possibilities for creative applications.
      • Super-easy handling
      • Inclined lines can be used by tilting the tool

    Application range