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new £85.97 BOSCH PFS-2000 All-PAINT SPRAYER 440W 0603207370 3165140801171

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new BOSCH PFS 2000 Electric Paint Spray System

Bosch PFS 2000 Paint Spray System

Painting has never been so easy! Applying wall paints, metal paints and wood paints is straightforward with the PFS 2000 paint spray system from Bosch. Forget paintbrushes and paint rollers! Quickly and effortlessly spray all types of wood and wall paints onto the desired surface – with no splodges, no paint spatters and no drips. The precise, adjustable paint jet enables you to work cleanly and stress-free. Whether you want to paint, lacquer or oil – your project will be done quickly using the PFS 2000 paint spray system.

Key product features

  • ALLPaint Technology: easy spraying of all types of paint
  • Convenient paint flow adjustment thanks to EasySelect rotary switch
  • Very compact housing with shoulder strap for flexible, comfortable use
  • 440 watt motor
  • 800ML Cap