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new £104.97 Bosch LR7 Laser Line RECEIVER for GCL2-50C/CG 0601069J00 3165140835572 MT


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 Bosch LR7 RECEIVER For GCL 2-50 C/CG series                               Combi Laser                                                                0601069J00

The Bosch LR7 Receiver For GCL 2-50 C/CG series Combi Laser is an easy-to-operate laser receiver with a compact design. designed for alignment of the laser beam plane, visual (display and LEDs) and audible signals, for working in various lighting conditions Can receive from up to 50 metres away.

Features and Benefits:

  • Clear display showing all necessary information
  • Top-mounted magnets for better fixing
  • Quick, easy fitting on the matching mount without having to use screws
  • Suitable for GCL 2-50 C, GCL 2-50 CG
  • Ability to detect green and red laser lines

Technical Specification:

Power Source: 1.5v AAA
Range of: 5 – 50 m
Dust and splash protection: IP 54
Measuring accuracy (fine/rough): ± 1 mm/± 3 mm

Supplied With:

2 x 1.5 V Batteries,
1 x Bracket for laser receiver LR 6/7, 
1 x Protective bag