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new Bosch EasyAQUATAK 100 Pressure Washer 06008A7E70 3165140935678

new Bosch EasyAQUATAK 100 Pressure Washer 06008A7E70 3165140935678


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Bosch EASYAQUATAK 100 Pressure Washer 100 Bar

The EASYAQUATAK 100 is a compact pressure washer with a pistol grip spray gun. As well as being one of the only pressure washers on the market that can be used with one hand, the EASYAQUATAK 100 has an adjustable jointed nozzle which can be angled to clean hard to reach spaces - this makes it an ideal solution for use in awkward locations where other pressure washers would be difficult or impossible to use. Other benefits include simple push fit connections for easy assembly & disassembly, a variable fan jet for powerful washing or gentle rinsing modes, a 350ml capacity foam bottle for use with detergents and a compact hose storage system to save space while the pressure washer is in storage. And thanks to its small footprint and integrated carry handle, it can be stowed away in a cupboard between uses and easily carried to and from any jobs around the home and garden.

• Power: 1200w
• Pressure: 100 Bar
• Flow Rate: 300 litres per hour
• Hose Length: 3m
• Gun: 360° Compact
• Nozzle: 20/80° Variable Fan
• Water Filter: Yes (Black)

Features & Benefits
• Single handed operation
• Compact: easy to store and transport
• New 360° compact gun
• Nozzle can be angled to clean awkward spots
• Variable fan jet for high or low power modes
• High pressue foam canister included
• Versatile even on hard to reach areas

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