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new £189.97 Bosch AdvancedIMPACT18 Combi DRILL 06039B5172 4053423203998


  • £189.97
  • Save £40

   Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect Repair & Return Service
 BRAND NEW BOSCH AdvancedIMPACT18 Cordless Combi Drill
  Includes 3 Attachment Extras

  • Ease-of-use - with the intuitive gear mode selection, you can easily switch between screwing and drilling
  • One Hand free - interface for quick snap attachments enables screw driving and impact drilling for every DIY fixing situation
  • Convenience - The new screw Bit garage enables the user to have the accessories always in hand
  • Helpful - the LED light will show the users the drill direction before they start drilling
  • Innovative - with one click you can change the drill/screwing direction
  • Superior cordless technology - Increased mobility for jobs around all parts of the house