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new £159.97 Bosch Advanced Level 360 (Basic) GREEN Lazer Line LEVEL 0603663B03 3165140974844 MT

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             Bosch Advanced Level 360 (Basic) GREEN Lazer Line LEVEL


Level 360

(Basic=No Tripod)

       All-rounder for precise aligning, squaring, and                        transferring with maximum visibility
When it comes to easy and fast aligning, squaring, and transferring, the AdvancedLevel 360 unites all the references needed, all in only one tool. Accurate aligning is ensured due to projection of the 360° horizontal laser line and the vertical line. Beyond that, the second vertical laser line, set at a 90° angle, makes for easy and exact squaring and the ceiling reference cross, complementing the plumb down, ensures fast transferring. Thanks to green laser technology visibility is up to four times better when compared to red laser lines, even under bright lighting conditions. Whether it’s installing suspended ceilings, furniture at the same height, installing drywalls and shower cabins, or hanging up lights, this 360° line laser’s qualities safeguard optimal results, even when applied on slightly rugged surfaces.

The all-rounder for precise alignment
  • Projection of 360° horizontal line, 2 vertical lines, and bottom plumb point
  • All relevant references for fast and easy aligning, squaring, and transferring
  • Green laser technology: up to four times better visibility even under bright lighting
  • Accuracy of +/- 0.4 mm/m for precise working results
  • Opening angle of 120° for long laser lines even at short working distances