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GLI 18V 1900 Compact Floodlight

GLI 18V 1900 Compact Floodlight


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User benefit

  • Work at any time of day: Excellent lighting due to cordless, powerful LED with up to 1900 lumens
  • Ready to use all day long: Battery runtime of up to 8 hours
  • Quickly and flexibly adapted to all work situations: 5 settable positions and a 5/8" tripod thread

Other features

  • Robust design: A hard-wearing frame and easy handling ensure the required jobsite quality
  • On/off switch: Including 2-stage dimmer function

Technical data

Weight (without battery) 1.6 kg
Length 72,0 mm
Width 187,0 mm
Height 292,0 mm
Battery voltage 14,4–18 V
Brightness 1900 lumen
Operating time 14.4 V 80 mins/Ah
Operating time 18 V 100 mins/Ah

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