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new £138.97 GARDENA 25m Wall Mounted Roll Up Hose Box - 18620-20 - 4078500052023


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GARDENA 25m Wall Mounted Roll Up Hose Box - 18620-20 - 4078500052023

Gardena 25M Roll Up Hose Box 
  • Convenient and flexible irrigation of medium-sized gardens with the compact 25M Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp 25M

    Watering that’s always ready for action—with the GARDENA Wall-Mounted Hose Box RollUp M. When watering your garden with this hose box you save both effort and time, as well as a lot of storage space. 
    Technical Specifications
    Article No. 18620-20
    EAN-Code: 4078500052023
    Hose length 25M 25 m
    Hose Diameter 11 mm
    Powered Roll Up Spring
  • This compact box is simply attached to the wall of the house and, in addition to safe storage of the water hose, makes it easier for you to roll it up after watering. Thanks to the wall bracket which can be swivelled by more than 180°, you have a lot of freedom of movement during watering and the hose does not kink. Simply pull out the 25-metre hose to the desired length and you can start watering immediately! The practical locking points automatically fix the garden hose at particularly short intervals, so that you can water your plants very easily. With a light pull on the end of the hose, you release the locking mechanism and a built-in steel spring automatically and reliably rolls the hose back in for you. To ensure that the environment and the casing of the hose reel remain undamaged, the retraction mechanism has an innovative RollControl technology, providing safe and controlled retraction. Tangling or knotting during the rolling in process is prevented by an integrated hose guide. With the Tap and Hose Connectors from the Original GARDENA System you can flexibly extend the hose or attach other GARDENA Watering Attachments. 
  • Your GARDENA Hose Attachments are always ready to hand, they can be attached underneath the wall bracket and be stored there to save space. Of course the Wall-Mounted Hose Box is made of high-quality materials, which offer both UV and frost protection, the robust box can be used all year round. Furthermore, thanks to the theft protection, the box cannot be stolen and can only be taken off the wall by you. In addition to the Wall-Mounted Hose Box, the box contains the wall bracket, a flexible connecting hose, all necessary Original GARDENA System and Assembly Parts as well as a sprayer with two different spray jet options. GARDENA gives a five-year warranty on this quality product.

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