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new £159.97 Flymo SabreCut XT 20VLi Cordless Long Reach Hedgecutter 9679247-01 7391883964040 HEC


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Flymo SabreCut XT 20VLi Cordless Long Reach Hedgecutter 9679247-01 7391883964040.


 Sabre XT 20V Cordless Long Reach     Hedgecutter

 C O R D L E S S   Long Reach H E D G E C U T T E R

Product Description


The SabreCut XT Cordless is a powerful trimmer that is ideal for trimming large hedges and bushes!


A neat and tidy hedge can improve the look of a garden, but keeping on top of Spring and Summer growth can prove to be difficult. This cordless hedge trimmer is equipped with a powerful 20V battery and a tilted cutting head for added convenience.


The tilting head makes for convenient hedge-top cutting without the need for a ladder and the telescopic handle means you can get to those hard to reach areas.


Cordless Hedge Trimmer Benefits:


- Cordless hedge trimmers are convenient - you can take them anywhere
- Having no power lead to accidently cut through makes them safer than electric hedge trimmers
- They make less noise so no disturbing your neighbours


With dual reciprocating action blades for a neater finish, the SabreCut XT Cordless is perfect for medium sized gardens.




  • Model: 967924701
  • 20 volts
  • Dual action blades
  • Long reach telescopic handle
  • Blade Length: 42 cm
  • Blade Gap: 16 mm
  • Tiltable head
  • Protective blade tip
  • Telescopic shaft
  • Interchangeable C-Link lithium Ion battery
  • Weight: 3.1 (Kg)