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new £52.97 Dremel 220 Workstation/Accessory Holder 26150220JB 8710364032426


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This combined Drill Press and Tool Holder is the perfect solution for stationary working with your Dremel.
  • Drill vertically or in an angle, adjustable in increments of 15 degrees.
  • Holds tool horizontally for polishing and sanding.
  • Integrated, telescoping tool stand holds tool with Flex Shaft (225).
  • On-board accessory storage.
  • Cord management keeps cord safely stowed.
  • Depth markings for consistent depth adjustment.
  • Base markings (metric and inches).


Technical specifications

Max. stroke 50 mm
Length 15.2 cm
Width 15.2 cm
Depth 30.48 cm

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