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new £169.97 DREMEL 8260-5 12v 3ah Cordless MULT-TOOL Kit F0138260JB 8710364082698


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DREMEL 8260-5 12v 3ah Cordless MULT-TOOL Kit F0138260JB 8710364082698

New DREMEL 8260-5 12v Lithium-ION Multi-Tool Kit.

World’s 1st Brushless Smart Multi-Tool.

This cordless tool will help you unleash your potential in DIY jobs by bringing you more power, runtime, speed, and now with connectivity.
Dremel 8260 has a brushless motor and 12 V Max, 3Ah lithium-ion battery. This innovative multi-tool will improve your DIY experience in many ways. Work anywhere on your DIY projects with complete freedom due to the Multi-tool’s 100% longer run time. Thanks to 20% more power and 20% more cutting speed, you can tackle the most heavy-duty Dremel applications with ease.

Dremel 8260 is a smart multi-tool.

Enhance your DIY experience in many ways by connecting to the Dremel App. Monitor your tool and battery performance. Find the accessory you need for your application and view information and tips. Select your material and accessory type and set your tool with the recommended speed. Get tips on how to manage overload and overheating of the tool. Contact your local Dremel Customer Support quickly by email or phone. Using the Dremel App on your smartphone will allow you to easily control, monitor, and manage your Bluetooth connected multi-tool.
Excellent tool life
Dremel 8260 is tested to withstand the most challenging Dremel applications so that you can power through every project. Dremel 8260 is designed and engineered for consistent performance and excellent tool life. The LED Dremel logo and indicators not only look cool, they give you the correct information at the right time to monitor battery, speed, and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it notifies if the tool and battery is being overloaded or overheating.