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£799.97 - Hayter ****CLICK & COLLECT or Purchase in Store**** new Hayter Harrier 41 16" VS Button Start Autodrive Rear Roller MOWER Code 376B SOH LA


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Hayter Harrier 41 VS AD - 16" Rear Roller Button Start

The Hayter Harrier 41 376 is a top of the range model, offering premium features, power, performance, and a high quality of cut every time. The best selling Harrier range is manufactured in Britain, and has been featured in the Hayter range for more than 30 years. Suitable for striped, fine and informal lawns of up to half a tennis court in size, the Harrier 376 is a particularly impressive model.

The rear roller is what helps produce the enviable striping effect, and thanks to Trim Side, you’ll be able to cut right up to the borders of your lawn with this model. The robust aluminium deck is designed to last users a lifetime, and can be cleaned simply by attaching a hose to the Easy-Wash link up after use. This helps ensure ongoing optimum performance, and a clean cut.

The Harrier 376 boasts a reliable Briggs & Stratton 675iS Series InStart engine, offering the ease of an electric start rather the more basic (and sometime tedious) recoil method. Many users find electric start incredibly useful, as starting mowers can be one of the most laborious elements of cutting the lawn. The lithium-ion battery which powers the start, and the ReadyStart engine which alleviates the need to prime before starting makes the Hayter Harrier 376 a very easy petrol lawnmower to operate.

This model also benefits from variable speed Autodrive, allowing operators to mow at their preferred pace without having to push a heavy mower, and to cope different terrains and grass lengths. Hayter have incorporated their Vari-Pitch technology which automatically adjusts to increase airflow when the cutting height is set higher for longer grass. Pick from seven cutting heights between 13 and 60mm which are controlled by a single lever for ease of use.

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