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new £59.97 DREMEL STYLO+ ROTARY TOOL 240V F0132050JB - 8710364080199

new £59.97 DREMEL STYLO+ ROTARY TOOL 240V F0132050JB - 8710364080199


  • £59.97
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Create the perfect finish on your DIY and craft designs with just a single tool. The versatile Multi-Tool is lightweight and comfortable to use for long extended periods of time. The small intricate design lets you hold the tool just like an ordinary pen, allowing a strong and secure grip for maximum maneuverability. 

Personalise the finish on your arts and crafts with the Dremel Stylo+ on a variety of different materials including: glass, wood, leather, stone and metal. The versatility of the tool allows you to constantly discover new ways to work with your Dremel Stylo+. The Multi-tool has a range of different applications allowing: carving, engraving, polishing, cleaning and sanding. 

Combined with the Dremel Multi Chuck, you can switch accessories quickly and easily without the inconvenience of collets. With this tool, Dremel offers you the solution to apply precision with ease to your DIY projects.