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new £51.97 Bosch Universal TEMP Infrared Thermometer 0603683100 3165140971904 MT


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Bosch Universal TEMP Infrared                          Thermometer

  • Wide temperature range: With a measuring range of -30°C to +500°C, easily use the infrared thermometer to measure the surface temperature of everyday objects
  • Easy-to-use: Simply point and shoot the temperature gun to get accurate temperature results for freezers, windows, pizza stones and more
  • Accurate results: Obtain more accurate temperatures by choosing between three measuring modes (based on material type)
  • Two ways to measure: Press the trigger to measure a single temperature or hold the trigger while moving the thermometer for continuous measurements
  • Two units of measurement: For additional flexibility, the device can deliver results in both °F and °C
                   DOES NOT MEASURE SKIN/BODY Temperature for COVID