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new £56.97 Bosch QUIGO III - CROSS LINE LASER - 0603663500 - 3165140836067 MT


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Bosch Quigo III Cross Line Laser
    • The Bosch Quigo III is a handy self levelling cross line laser level that enables DIYers to make their creative ideas a reality. The tool is ready to operate as soon as the protective cover has been slid open, projecting a laser cross onto the wall that is always 100% straight thanks to the self levelling feature. The integrated incline function also gives you the means to project diagonal lines. This allows for quick and easy alignment of drilling positions or nails

    Key product features

      • Simultaneously projects a horizontal and vertical laser line
      • Automatic alignment – always 100% straight
      • Flexible positioning thanks to MM2 universal clamp which comes complete with the tool

    Other product advantages

      • Supported by arrangement of objects at equal distance
      • Perfect for quick, straight alignment of pictures, borders, wallpaper, tiles and objects
      • possibilities for creative applications.
      • Super-easy handling
      • Inclined lines can be used by tilting the tool

    Application range