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new £33.97 BARE TOOL Bosch Universal LAMP 18 - 06039A1100 - 3165140893121

Bosch DIY

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new BOSCH UniversalLAMP Cordless Multifunctional                                                 Light
                                                       Requires 18v Bosch Battery & Charger
              Any Bosch Green Coloured 18V Battery will fit this Lamp

Key product features

  • Powerful illumination with Power LED 100 lm
  • Exceptional battery runtime allows up to 1,000 minutes of use per charge
  • Convenient dimming function always provides perfect amount of light
  • Ideal lighting in dark spaces, small areas, and while camping

Application range

Technical key data

Battery voltage 18 V
Max. lighting time 1.000 mins
Weight (without battery) 0,3 kg