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new £90.97 Bosch PMF250CES Multi-Function Tool 250 Watt 0603102170 3165140828543


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  Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect, Repair & Return Service ( upgrade to 3 Years on                                                         )
    new BOSCH PMF 250 CES Multifunction Cutting &                                Sanding Tool  ( Corded )
  • Bosch PMF 250 CES Multifunction tool

    • The Bosch PMF 250 CES multifunction tool helps DIYers with all renovation and repair jobs. The powerful 250 watt motor with Bosch Constant Electronic and continuously variable preselection of the oscillation rate enables you to work consistently and gear the tool towards the material at all times. The patented Starlock toolholder allows for an abundance of accessories to be mounted on the PMF 250 CES, and the AutoClic System enables them to be replaced within only three seconds.

    Key product features

      • Versatile tool due to a wide range of innovative Bosch Starlock accessories
      • Easy, tool-free changing of accessories in only 3 seconds due to new AutoClic System
      • Dust extraction system that can be connected to an all-purpose vacuum cleaner enables dust to be minimised during sanding

    Other product advantages

      • Precise and gentle plunge cutting due to rounded cutting edges of the plunge cut saw blades with Curved-Tec
      • Maintain an exact cutting depth using the 4-stage depth stop
      • Consistently high performance even under load thanks to Bosch Constant Electronic
      • Optimum guidance due to optional attachment of an auxiliary handle
      • Faster work rate thanks to powerful 250 watt motor
      • Continuously variable preselection of the oscillation rate enables you to gear your work towards the material and application

    Application range

    • Universal tools
      Versatility for more.
      Standard of comparison: Multifunction tool

    Technical key data

    • Power input 250 W
      No-load speed 15.000 – 20.000 rpm
      Oscillation angle on left/right 2,8 °
      Weight 1,2 kg


    • Power input
      Power input
      Power input
      250 watts
      Tool-free changing of accessories in only 3 seconds
      Oscillation principle
      Oscillation principle
      Oscillation principle
      Quick, short pendulum movements enable high precision work
      Constant Electronic
      Constant Electronic
      Constant Electronic
      Constant power for precise work
      Depth stop
      Depth stop
      Depth stop
      For limiting the cutting depth (when working with segment saw blades)

    Comes complete with

      • BIM segment saw blade Wood and Metal, 85 mm, ACZ 85 EB (2 609 256 943)
      • Delta sanding plate 93 mm, AVZ 93 G (2 609 256 956)
      • Delta sanding sheet set (2 609 256 A54)
      • Dust extraction (2 609 256 D57)
      • HCS plunge-cutting saw blade for wood, 32 x 40 mm, AIZ 32 EPC (2 609 256 947)
      • Plastic case
      • 4-stage depth stop for segment saw blades (2 609 256 C61)
      Part number: 0603102170
      EAN code: 3165140828543

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