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new £266.97 Bosch PBD40 BENCH DRILL Mains Electric 0603B07070 3165140569163


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The PBD 40 bench drill is especially accurate and very easy to use thanks to its technical features, with a 710 watt universal motor replacing the classical belt drive found in conventional bench drills. This means that the speed can be variably adjusted using the rotary knob. The troublesome task of retensioning the belt is now a thing of the past. The PBD 40 is also equipped with two gears and a Constant Electronic control system that prevents the speed from dropping when drilling in hard materials.

Key product features

  • The electronic digital display permits an exact speed setting in line with requirements while Bosch Constant Electronic ensures consistent speed
  • The innovative digital display enables easy reading of the exact drilling depth. Even rows of holes, e.g. for wooden structures, can therefore be drilled without any problems
  • With 2-speed gearbox: high power in 1st gear, high speed in 2nd gear

Technical key data

  • Power input 710 W
  • Max. drilling diameter in steel 13 mm
  • Max. drilling diameter in wood 40 mm
  • Machine weight 11,2 kg

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