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new Bosch KEO SET (+Blades ) Li-ION Cordless Saw 0600861971 3165140649216


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The KEO SET cordless multi-saw can be effortlessly operated single-handedly thanks to the innovative "A-Grip' feature, which supports branches so you don't have to use your second hand. With low vibration, low noise and variable speed trigger, the KEO multi-saw offers optimal user comfort whilst always ensuring a powerful and fast cutting experience, thanks to its precision Swiss Blade.               I N  C A R R Y  C A S E

Key product features

  • Effortless cutting: cuts branches up to 80 mm* with the push of a trigger. Enables 30 to 190 cuts per battery charge.
  • Hassle-free: detachable “A-Grip” that holds the unsupported branches while cutting – no second hand required.
  • Always ready to use: no memory effect and no self-discharge thanks to lithium-ion battery technology. Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) protects the battery cells against overheating.

Other product advantages

  • 10.8 V lithium-ion integrated battery for a powerful performance. No self-discharge, no memory effect. Always ready to use
  • Softgrip and ergonomic shape for increased manoeuvrability
  • Easy saw blade changes for use on a variety of garden materials
  • Quick stop and hand guard for increased safety
  • Detachable “A-Grip” for improved performance in unsupported branches
  • Safety lock prevents unintentional activation
  • Swiss-made quality saw blade for precise and clean cuts up to 80 mm*
  • Replaceable saw blades for various applications (x2 for wood, x1 for metal, x1 for wood and metal, x1 for plaster)
  • * When “A-Grip” has been detached.
  • * When “A-Grip” has been detached.

Technical key data

Battery voltage 10,8 V
Cutting capacity (with “A-Grip”) max. 60 mm diameter
Cuts per battery charge (15–60 mm diameter) 30–190

Comes complete with

  • Replaceable saw blades for various applications: 2 x for wood (“Top for Wood” S644D), 1 x for metal (“Flexible for Metal” S918A), 1 x for wood and metal (“Flexible for Wood and Metal” S922HF), 1 x for plaster (“Special for Plaster” S628DF)
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Charger
  • Bag to store the saw blades
Part number: 0600861971
EAN code: 3165140649216

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