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new Bosch INDEGO 400 Robotic MOWER - FREE GARAGE - 06008B0071 3165140828222


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  • Key product features

    • Beautiful lawn. Thanks to its mulching system, grass clippings are distributed evenly to ensure a good fertilising effect and a healthy lawn
    • Easy with AUTO Calendar Function. After mapping Indego will recommend a schedule suited to your lawn size
    • Effortless. Autonomous operation. The user does not need to spend any time cutting the lawn – after installing it, the Indego operates all by itself. It goes back to charge on its own and manoeuvres around obstacles
    • With Logicut the Indego will know the shape and size of the lawn, and it will calculate the most efficient route to mow. It remembers where it has already cut
    • Parallel line cutting strategy varies the direction of the lanes with each new cutting session to avoid lawn stress
    • Memorise cutting session. So you can use the lawn already mowed whilst Indego will finish cutting the rest
    • Multi sensors detect obstacles and manoeuvre around them before continuing cutting on the calculated route
    • Human machine interface with AUTO Calendar Function for intuitive programming and easy operation
    • Minimal power consumption, less noise and air pollution than conventional mowers

    Technical key data

    Battery voltage 18 V
    Recommended lawn area up to 400 m²
    Height of cut 30 – 50 mm
    Width of cut 19 cm
    Weight 7,6 kg

    Comes complete with

    • Docking station
    • Docking station screws with hex key (F 016 800 468)
    • Fixing pegs – 180 pieces
    • Perimeter wire – 125m
    • Power supply unit
    • 2 x wire connector
    Part number: 06008B0071
    EAN code: 3165140828222

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