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New £109.97 Bosch EasyHedgeCUT 18-45 Cordless Hedgecutter 0600849H70 3165140969666 HEC


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Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect Repair & Return Service
    B O S C H   EasyHedgeCUT 18-45   18V  C O R D L E S S                              H E D G E C U T T E R

Key product features

  • Lightweight 18 V cordless hedgecutter.
  • Cordless mobility for freedom of movement around the garden.
  • Anti-Blocking system for non-stop cutting. Please note this is not applicable with 4.0 Ah / 6.0 Ah battery packs.

Application range

Technical key data

Motor power W
Blade length 45 mm
Tooth opening 15 mm
No-load stroke rate 2.400 spm
Weight 2,3 kg

Comes complete with

  • 1 battery pack PBA 18V 2.0Ah V-A
  • Charger AL 1815 CV
Part number: 0600849H70
EAN code: 3165140969666

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