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new £89.37 BARE TOOL BOSCH AHS 55-20 Li CORDLESS Trimmer 0600849G70 3165140830454 - No Battery OR Charger HEC


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B O S C H   A H S  5 5 - 2 0 L i   1 8 V  C O R D L E S S                             H E D G E C U T T E R
      Bare Tool = Supplied WITHOUT Battery Or Charger
               any 18V Bosch Power4ALL Battery will fit from within Bosch Green Cordless Tool Range

Key product features

  • Quick-Cut Technology ensures that twigs and branches are cut first time round – for quick and efficient hedge cutting
  • Effortless and ergonomic handling with less strain on arms and shoulders
  • Anti-Blocking System ensures continuous cutting performance, where other hedgecutters stop working

Other product advantages

  • Syneon Chip – Intelligently controlled energy for every project
  • Optimal balance and low weight of only 2.5 kg for effortless hedge cutting
  • Softgrip on the rear handle, multi-position front handle and transparent hand guard for convenient working in any position
  • Sawing function: Special teeth at the front of the blade easily cut branches up to 25 mm in diameter
  • Laser-cut, diamond-ground blades for a clean, precise cut
  • Blade tip protector for cutting along walls and paths
  • One battery for all DIY and garden tools in the in the 18-volt Power4All lithium-ion cordless system

Technical key data

Compatible battery voltage 18 V
Blade length 550 mm
Tooth spacing 20 mm
No-load stroke rate 2.600 spm
Weight 2,5 kg


Intelligently controlled energy for every project.

Comes complete without Battery or Charger

Part number: 0600849G02

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