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new £90.97 Bosch EasyCUT 50 500W Electric NanoBLADE SAW 06033C8070 3165140830805

new £90.97 Bosch EasyCUT 50 500W Electric NanoBLADE SAW 06033C8070 3165140830805


  • £90.97
  • Save £19

          Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect, Repair & Return Service

                                 The new Bosch EasyCUT50 500W - Mains CORD SAW

  • Key product features

      • The nanoBLADE technology now makes it easy to perform precise and 100% right-angled cuts
      • Safe and easy plunge cuts in one step – without having to pre-drill
      • EasyCut 50 enables even inexperienced DIYers to saw easily and effortlessly

    Other product advantages

      • Easy, safe and quick saw blade change by simply opening the hatch, changing the saw blade and closing the hatch
      • Maintenance-free: Requires no oiling or sharpening of the saw blades
      • Optimal view of the cutting line with CutControl
      • Bosch Electronic for gearing the tool towards the material. Especially suitable for applications such as sawing acrylic glass
      • Dust extraction and dust blowing function for a good view of the cutting line and a clean work environment

    Application range

    • Scraping
      Standard of comparison: nanoBLADE saws

    Technical key data

    • Power input 500 W
      Cutting depth in wood 50 mm
      Stroke rate at no load 0 – 7.800 spm
      Machine weight 1,6 kg


    • NanoBlade
      Vibration-free sawing with new nanoBlade technology
      Plunge Cut
      Plunge Cut
      Plunge Cut
      Easy and safe plunge cuts

    Comes complete with

      • Anti-splinter guard (1 600 A00 3D9)
      • Hood for dust extraction (1 600 A00 3D8)
      • nanoBLADE Wood Basic 50 (2 609 256 D83)
      • Plastic case
      • Transparent saw blade protective cover (1 600 A00 J6Z)
      Part number: 06033C8070
      EAN code: 3165140830805

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