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new £175.97 Bosch Advanced Level 360 SET c/w Tripod 0603663B04 3165140974851 MT


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    Price Includes 2 Year Warranty
          Bosch Advanced Level 260 GREEN Lazer Line LEVEL & Tripod


Level 260SET

c/w TT150 TRIPOD

       All-rounder for precise aligning, squaring, and                        transferring with maximum visibility
  • Select laser lines w/one button: The laser level has one horizontal 360 Degree and two vertical laser lines in a 90 Degree angle, plus one plumb down point, for the most useful laser configurations in one tool
  • Up to 4x better visibility: With green laser technology, the line level delivers up to 4x better visibility than laser levels with red laser lines
  • Easy-to-use: A sliding on/off switch and two-button keypad enables one-handed control of the green laser level
  • Precise results: For highly accurate measuring, the line level delivers precise results within ± 0.4 mm/m (lines) and +/- 1.0 mm/m (plumb point)
  • Self-levelling: The laser level can self-level up to ± 4 Degree or be put into slope mode to create diagonal lines

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