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new £169.97 Webb Rear Roller Push Cylinder Mower - WEH12R - 5060012808792 LA .


  • £169.97

Webb Rear Roller Push Cylinder Mower - WEH12R - 5060012808792

 new Webb 12" Rear Roller Push Cylinder mower
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, DOUBLE-ROLLER LAWNMOWER TO MAKE STRIPES FOR SMALL LAWNS - weighing just 11kg this mower is ideal for keeping small flat lawns finished with an immaculate 30cm wide stripe, while keeping smooth grass clipped to a manicured finish
  • EASY TO ADJUST CUTTING HEIGHT - simply turn the two large knobs on either side of the mower to lift the front roller up or down to raise or lower the cutting height from 13mm to 23mm - no tools needed
  • SILENT, ECO FRIENDLY AND DEPENDABLE - this traditional hand-push lawnmower is an enviromentally-friendly way to cut the grass, and offers hassle-free maintenance and reliable performance without the noise, cost or worry of a petrol motor
  • USE WITH OR WITHOUT THE FRONT-FACING 18L BOX - grass clippings are small and fine so can be left on the grass to restore nutrients to the soil, or collected in the lightweight collection bag mounted on the front so you can see when it needs emptying

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