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new £81.97 Bosch QUIGO GREEN LINE Cross Line Laser 0603663C00 3165140974028 MT


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new Bosch QUIGO Green Line Cross Laser 

Key product features

  • Self-levelled laser cross for fast and easy alignment on the wall
  • Green laser technology for up to 4x better visibility even under bright lighting conditions
  • Extended working range up to 12 m thanks to more visible green laser lines
  • Perfect for hanging pictures, tiling, setting curtain rails, and installing kitchen and bath furniture
  • Easy and versatile positioning via universal clamp MM2 and adapter plate

Application range

Hanging up pictures
Installation of curtain rails
Putting up shelves
Fitting borders
Standard of comparison: Cross Line Laser

Technical key data

Opening angle in 85 °
Accuracy ± 0,8 mm/m
Tripod thread 1/4"
Weight 0,27 kg

Comes complete with

  • MM2 universal clamp (0 603 692 201)
  • Quick-fitting adapter
  • 2 x 1.5 V LR03 (AAA) batteries
Part number: 0603663C00
EAN code: 3165140974028