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new £54.97 HOZELOCK Automatic Water SENSOR PLUS CONTROLLER 2214 5010646057967


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  •  Hozelock 2214 Sensor Plus Water Controller

    New to the Hozelock water timer range is a set of smart controllers designed to adjust automatically the watering schedules to coincide with sunrise and sunset, every day. The Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus features two dials that allows for a quick selection of your desired watering schedule(s), and only requires 2 x AA batteries (typically lasting nine months). Choose from watering at sunrise, sunset or both for durations between 2 - 60 minutes (more details in watering schedule tab). In addition to having a choice of watering duration, you can also choose the frequency of operation. Choose a frequency of every day, every two days, three days, five days or seven days. The Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus also features a "Water Now" function for manual watering of up to 60 minutes, ideal for system testing or providing an extra watering for your plants outside of the usual automatic schedule. Manual water now button for 10, 30 or 60 minutes for watering at any time.

    This is an excellent water timer for use with automatic watering systems and garden sprinklers. Fits easily on to most garden taps and comes with adaptors for 1/2", 3/4" and 1" BSP threads. Can also be used in conjunction with water butts. A battery status allows for you to check remaining battery life with the press of a button. A built-in safety feature detects when the battery levels have dropped to a level that could fail while a watering schedule is in progress. The LED indicator lights will flash red 

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