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new £319.97 Echo CS362WES 16" Petrol Chainsaw - 5-Year Warranty - ECHOCS361WES CS

new £319.97 Echo CS362WES 16" Petrol Chainsaw - 5-Year Warranty - ECHOCS361WES CS


  • £319.97
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The CS362WES is a compact and lightweight machine designed to offer superb handling and accuracy of cut. Powered by a 35.8cc two-stroke engine, the CS362WES is fitted with a 40cm (16) guide bar and 3/8″ pitch chain.

The Echo CS362WES is a lightweight petrol chainsaw with a slimline body for extra manoeuvrability. It has a 35.8cc low emission engine and Easy Start for almost effortless starting.The CS362WES can be used for felling small trees, pruning and logging.

Weighing only 3.8kg* the CE362WES really is a joy to use, it is exceptionally well balanced and reduces operator fatigue to a minimum. User friendly it may be, but the CS362WES also packs plenty of punch and features a powerful 35.8cc two-stroke petrol engine. This engine is also notable for featuring ECHO’s innovative Power Boost Tornado™ technology, which optimises the combustion process to enhance performance, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce particle emissions. This makes the CS362WES more effective than comparable machines providing enough cutting power to tackle even medium-sized branches effortlessly. 

Useful features include an air filter cover that can be removed without using a tool, even when wearing gloves, and a side access chain tensioner which enables easy chain adjustment.