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new £287.97 Bosch Dtect120 PRO Li-ION+ LBoxx Universal DETECTOR 0601081370 3165140780087 MT


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Price Includes 3 Year Warranty
D-Tect 120 Wallscanner in L-Boxx 0601 081 370
Advantages: D-tect 120 wallscanner Professional  ( comes with L-Boxx for Storage and Li-ION Battery & Charger )
The intuitive radar scanner for all materials
Dual power source: can be operated both with 10.8 V-LI battery and with standard alkaline batteries
Spot measurement instead of procedural measurement enables detection on extremely small surfaces
Centre finder: visual direction guidance for precise locating of the object’s centre
Simple user interface with three self-explanatory selection buttons for various measurement scenarios
Detects objects up to a material depth of 12 cm
Audible and visual warning signals when objects are detected in the wall
Technical data: D-tect 120 wallscanner Professional
Detectable materials Water-filled plastic pipes, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wooden studs, live cables
Max. detection depth 120 mm
Detection depth, steel, max. 120 mm
Detection depth, copper, max. 120 mm
Detection depth of live cables, max. 60 mm
Detection depth of wooden substructures, max. 38 mm
Accuracy ± 10 mm
Automatic deactivation, approx. 5 min
Power supply 10.8 V-LI / 4 x 1.5 V LR6 (AA)
Weight, approx. 0,49 kg
Length 206 mm
Width 92 mm
Height 85 mm
Additional function Dual Power (10.8 V / 4 x 1.5 V LR6 AA); Centre Finder with object direction indicator