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new £166.97 Bosch AdvancedCUT18 18V 2.5AH 06033D5171 4053423202212


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The new Bosch AdvancedCUT18 - 18V Cordless SAW
  • Key product features

    • NanoBlade technology: Precise, vibration-free sawing has never been easier
    • Saw effortlessly through a multitude of materials such as wood and plastics thanks to the powerful brushless EC motor
    • Compact and easy to handle for a variety of uses both inside and outside the home
    • The new sawing technology is absolutely maintenance-free, requiring no oiling, tensioning or sharpening of the saw blade
    • Easy, safe and quick saw blade change by simply opening the hatch, changing the saw blade and closing the hatch
    • The brushless motor ensures fast and enduring sawing and a long lifetime of the motor
    • The lithium-ion battery ensures that the saw is ready to use any time and anywhere. The battery is changeable, enabling it to be used in other tools in the Power for ALL System
    • Bosch Electronic technology enables the cutting speed to be controlled precisely using the trigger switch
    • An attached storage loop can be used to hang up the tool on a branch or a ladder string during work

    Application range

    Sawing flush to walls
    Standard of comparison: Cordless NanoBlade Saw

    Technical key data

    Battery voltage 18 V
    Cutting depth in wood 65 mm
    No-load speed 0 – 7.000 rpm
    Machine weight 1,1 kg


    Battery voltage
    Sawing in 2 directions
    SDS System
    Brushless motor

    Comes complete with

    • nanoBLADE Wood Speed 65 (2 609 256 D86)
    • Transparent saw blade protective cover (1 600 A00 J6Z)
    • 1 battery pack PBA 18V 2.5Ah W-B
    • Charger AL 1830 CV
    • Storage loop