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new £129.97 Bosch ALS30 3000W Garden Vacuum & Blower Electric 06008A1170 3165140815185 LV


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        Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect, Repair & Return Service
       The Bosch ALS 30 is an easy to use Blower  - ideal fro use in Gardens, or decking/patio areas.  
 Bosch ALS30 3000watt Mains Garden Vacuum

Key product features

  • Effortlessly safe handling: ergonomically shaped handles for better weight distribution and more comfort.
  • Collect bag switch bag shoulder strap

Other product advantages

  • Powerful performance. Motor power of 3000 watts, blower flow rate of 800 m³
  • Adjustable blower speed of up to 300 km/h for easy sweeping and removal of sticky wet leaves

Technical key data

Power Source 3000 W, Airflow speed 280-300 km/h, Max. vacuum flow rate 800 m³/h, Shredding ratio 10:1, Collection bag 45L, Weight (Blow/ Vac) 4.4 kg

Motor power 3000 W
Variable airflow speed 280 - 300 km/h
Volume flow rate 800 m³/h
Weight (leaf blower) 3,2 kg

Part number: 06008A1170
EAN code: 3165140815185