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new £131.97 BOSCH UniversalGrassCUT 18V-260 Cordless Strimmer 06008C1D71 4059952614519 BCH


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BOSCH UniversalGrassCUT 18V-260 Cordless Strimmer 06008C1D71 4059952614519

Price includes 2 year Warranty.
                The new Bosch Universal GRASSCUT 18v-260

                                                   Putting the joy of gardening back in your hands

Designed for effortless lawn work, the UniversalGrassCut 18V-260 features an ergonomic V-shaped handle with a telescopic height adjustment for comfortable handling with a natural posture. 
The IntelliFEED function automatically feeds the spool line, eliminating stops, bending, and bumping. The versatile head rotates through a foot pedal button and handle twist, for easily switching from trimming to edging. Its plant protector feature gently shields flowers when working around flowerbeds.
 With fully charged battery, the trimmer can cut the edges of eight tennis courts in one go. 
The tool belongs to the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. One battery can operate a large variety of tools from different brands.

Key product features

  • Ergonomically designed V-shape handle for a comfortable working posture
  • IntelliFEED automatically feeds the spool line for uninterrupted work
  • Versatile head enables hands-free head tilt and edging adjustments

Application range

Technical key data

Compatible battery voltage 18 V
Cutting diameter 26 cm
Cutting system IntelliFEED
Weight 2,7 kg


Battery voltage

Comes complete with

  • 1 battery pack PBA 18V 2Ah W-B
  • Charger AL 1810 CV
Part number: 06008C1D71
EAN code:4059952614519