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Bosch IXO Basic

Bosch IXO Basic


  • £35.88

User benefit

  • Improved ergonomic design – enables multiple grip positions
  • New Power LED light concept – either as spotlight or scattered light
  • With micro USB charger for fast charging

Other features

  • No memory effect, no self-discharge: always ready for use thanks to lithium-ion technology
  • Automatic spindle lock for manual tightening or loosening of screws
  • Intuitive control concept
  • Charge level indicator via LED
  • Comes with 10 standard screwdriver bits as standard

Technical data

Battery voltage 3,6 V
Battery capacity 1,5 Ah
No-load speed 215 rpm
Max. torque for soft/hard screw. applications 3 / 4,5 Nm
Charging time 3 h
Drill chuck Magnetic bit holder with hexagonal shank
Machine weight 0,30 kg

Screw diameter

Screw diameter up to 5 mm


3.6 Volt
Lithium-ion technology
Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
Application: screwdriving
Integrated work light
Right-hand/left-hand rotation
Charge level indicator

Noise/vibration information

Sound pressure level 70 dB(A)
Uncertainty K 3 dB

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