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new £218.97 Bosch GCL2-50C RED Beam COMBI LASER RM2 Carton 0601066G00 3165140865579 MT

new £218.97 Bosch GCL2-50C RED Beam COMBI LASER RM2 Carton 0601066G00 3165140865579 MT

Bosch Professional

  • £218.97
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                        BOSCH GCL2-50C PLUS RM2 MOUNT COMBI LINE & POINT LASER

                      GCL2-50C (Connected) - Smart levelling & Bluetooth connection

The Bosch GCL 2-50 C Self-Levelling Combi Line & Point Laser Level is the latest tool in the range of Connected tools from Bosch. Via Bluetooth, the combi lasers can be controlled hands-free from a smartphone + including over longer distances.

It's a dual power device, meaning you can power it using your existing 10.8v / 12v Lithium-Ion Bosch BLUE TOOL batteries, or via disposable AA Alkaline batteries (x4 Included). 

Also included is the RM2 wall mount, protective pouch and laser target card.

It comes packed with an RM2 wall mount, with a detachable slide-in rotation base and fine adjustment knob for precise line positioning, magnets for mounting on magnetic surfaces or ceiling clips, screw hole for mounting on dry walls or wooden beams and of course easy and quick attachment compatibility with the GCL 2-50 C with a sliding mechanism.


  • Simply connected - Bluetooth connectivity for controlling the tool without touching it and without loosing precision
  • 1x Horizontal and 1x Vertical red laser line + 2 centred RED Plumb points with great visibility
  • Long vertical line on ceiling beneficial for drywall applications
  • Receiver function for high working range up to 50 metres and also compatible with the latest LR 6 & LR 7 receivers ( Not included )
  • High accuracy - ±0.3 mm/m
  • Intuitive keypad for easy mode selection and receiver activation function
  • Dual power source for highest flexibility
  • IP54 dust & splash water protected