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new £37.97 Bosch GLUEPEN 3,6 Cordless 06032A2070 3165140705851

new £37.97 Bosch GLUEPEN 3,6 Cordless 06032A2070 3165140705851


  • £37.97
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1 x Bosch Cordless Glue Pen inc charger and 4 x 7mm glue sticks.

The Bosch GLUEPEN 3.6V - its intuitive, pen shaped design gives you the same level of accuracy you've come to expect when using an ordinary pen. Ideal for the hobbyist, DIY man or general fixer, the GLUEPEN can be used to stick a wide range of materials together, including wood, plastic, ceramic, metal, glass, textiles & leather. A heat up time of 15 seconds means that the GLUEPEN is always ready to go, & a single battery charge will last you 30 minutes - enough to go through 6 glue sticks. A handy micro USB charger ensures that topping up the battery is as simple as plugging the GLUEPEN into your laptop or home computer, & if you accidentally leave the pen on, its Auto-Off function will save energy by shutting the pen down after 10 minutes of inactivity. There's also no need to worry if you're a messy worker; Bosch's automatic glue retraction feature draws adhesive back in when the trigger is not depressed, so there won't be any drips.

Features & Benefits:
• Quick and handy glue pen - doesn’t clog, doesn’t dry out
• Instant adhesion after a few seconds
• Ready to glue after only 15 seconds of heat-up time
• One battery charge is enough for 6 glue sticks (30 minutes)
• Sits comfortably in your hand thanks to ergonomic pen shape
• Charging with Bosch micro USB charger
• Clean working thanks to automatic glue retraction
• Gap-filling glue application even on uneven surfaces
• The Bosch glue is virtually indefinitely storable
• Energy-saving due to Auto-Off - automatic shutdown after 10 minutes

Battery voltage: 3,6 V
Battery capacity: 1,5 Ah
Glue stick, diameter: 7 mm
Glue stick, min. length: 150 mm
Heat-up time: 15 sec
Gluing temperature: 170 °C
Machine weight: 0,142 kg

Lithium-ion technology
Automatic deactivation

Micro USB charger
4 glue sticks UltraPower

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