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Bosch AL 1830 CV Battery Charger

Bosch AL 1830 CV Battery Charger


  • £45.88

User benefit

  • Quick charger: 40 minute charging time thanks to 3.0 ampere charging current and “Ready to Go” function, 2.5 Ah battery is ready to use after 40 minutes (80% charged)
  • Intelligent, gentle charging process for all battery capacities (Ah)

Other features

  • “Power for ALL” is the cordless system with lithium-ion technology for an entire Bosch tool family in the house and garden: Charger can be flexibly combined with all 14.4 volt/18 volt batteries from Bosch
  • Long battery lifetime due to intelligent charging process
  • One battery fits all – suitable for all DIY and garden tools in the Power for ALL lithium-ion cordless systems

Technical data

Battery charging voltage 14,4 – 18 V
Charge current 3,0 A
Charg. time at 1.5 Ah (ReadyToGO 80%/100%) approx. 25/35 mins
Charg. time at 2.0 Ah (ReadyToGO 80%/100%) approx. 35/45 mins
Charg. time at 2.5 Ah (ReadyToGO 80%/100%) approx. 40/60 mins
Weight 400 g

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