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new £132.97 Bosch Universal HedgeCUT 50 Mains Electric Hedgecutter 06008C0570 3165140940542 HEC


  • £132.97
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           Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect Repair & Return Service
                  The BOSCH Universal CUT 50 hedgecutter features a 50cm cutting blade - double                                                            sided - cutting tooth gap of 26mm.
                                   The high-performance trimmer for large hedges with up to 80% less noise
    ProSilence enables a powerful performance with 80% noise reduction to 93 dB(A)
  • 50-cm blade length and 26-mm tooth spacing design for heavy trimming work
  • High-torque slipping clutch (50-70 Nm) enables easy cutting through thick branches
  • Perfect for trimming medium to large hedges
  • High-performance 420 W motor and high cutting power for impressive results

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