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BARE TOOL new £83.97 Bosch ALB 18 Li Cordless Blower 06008A0302 3165140619974 LV


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BARE TOOL Bosch ALB 18 Li Cordless Blower 06008A0302 3165140619974

 Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect, Repair &                                        Return Service

     The new BARE TOOL Bosch ALB 18 Li leaf blower is perfect for patios and small gardens.
              It tidies with a 210km/h concentrated jet of air, sweeping leaves and garden waster into easy-                                                                 to-pick-up piles.

                     Any Bosch Green Coloured 18V Lithium ION Tool Battery will fit this blower.

Key product features

  • Cordless freedom: 
  • Lightweight: comfortable working thanks to ergonomic design and low weight of only 1.9 kg.
  • Full power: with 210 km/h airspeed for easy removal of leaves from patio and garden areas.

Other product advantages

  • Maximum mobility. The cordless leaf blower gives you the freedom to work anywhere
  • Blower speed. Airflow of max. 210 km/h – full power for patios and medium-sized gardens
  • Lightweight. Only 1.8 kg, which minimises the strain on your arms during work
  • Softgrip for comfortable working in any position
  • Space-saving storage due to detachable blower tube

Technical key data

Battery type Lithium-ion
Battery voltage 18 V
Airflow speed 210 km/h
Battery charge time 1,0 h
Battery runtime up to 30 mins on a 2.5AH battery less for smaller AMP's
Weight 1,9 kg


Intelligently controlled energy for every project.

Comes complete with

  • Quick charger for lithium-ion batteries AL 1830 CV
  • BARE TOOL - Requires Battery & Charger from Bosch 18V Green Coloured Tool
Part number: 06008A0571
EAN code: 3165140843232