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AKE 40-19 S Electric Chainsaw

AKE 40-19 S Electric Chainsaw


  • £139.88

Key product features

  • Extremely powerful motor: 1900 watts with a chain speed of 12 m/s for outstanding cutting performance.
  • Easy to use: SDS system for tool-free changing and tensioning of the chain.
  • Extremely robust: top quality for frequent use and long life.

Other product advantages

  • Optimum balance for working in any position
  • Bosch SDS for tool-free chain replacement and tensioning
  • Extremely high chain speed of 12 m/s
  • Rapid-reaction kick-back brake (Quick Stop)
  • Ergonomic handle for both sawing and felling
  • Steel tines for a firm and secure grip
  • Large oil reservoir (200 ml) with level indicator
  • Steel chain safety catch bolt

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