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new £139.97 Dremel 4300 - 3/45 Multi-TOOL KIT F0134300JB 8710364079605 DM


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DREMEL 4300  3/45  ( 45 extras )


From sanding to grinding, and routing to cutting; this multi-tool produces the power you need for the job. Electronic feedback give s additional power when you need it, maintaining maximum performance with both soft and hard materials. You are always in perfect control of your projects, even when working at awkward angles and in tight spaces. The 360° adjustable LED light at the front of the tool allows you to clearly see everything that you're doing, even in poorly lit places.

The kit is all packed in a neatly organised case that includes a removable accessory tray and an innovative tool holder that allows easy winding up of the tool's cable - often an untidy nuisance in the tool box.


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