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new £47.97 Bosch EasySANDER12 Oribital SANDER (BARE) 060397690B 3165140886604


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 Price includes 2 year Warranty Collect, Repair & Return Service             new12V BOSCH easySANDER Cordless Orbital Multi-                                          Sander 
              B A R E  T O O L  -  N o  B A T T E R Y  or  C H A R G E R
 This sander will run on either 10,8V or new 12V Batteries
         which are used on Bosch GREEN coloured Tools

                                   Bosch EasySANDER 12 - Cordless multi-sander (without battery and charger)

  • The EasySANDER 12 cordless multi-sander is both powerful and easy to use. The sanding tool comes with its own PowerAutomatic function. The sander automatically increases the removal rate when the user increases the pressure. This compact multi-sander is both handy and portable, making it particularly suitable for sanding and polishing jobs in difficult-to-reach areas and on smaller surfaces. The tool’s energy supply is achieved using a power lithium-ion replaceable battery combined with a charger. Thanks to the lithium-ion technology, the battery does not experience any memory effect or self-discharge – the multi-sander is always ready to use. Another practical feature is the tool’s increased runtime per battery charge due to its integrated Bosch Syneon Chip.

Key product features

    • PowerAutomatic – this all-purpose tool automatically increases its material removal rate when pressure is applied
    • Compact and handy multi-sander for sanding, even in hard-to-reach areas and on small surfaces
    • Powerful lithium-ion changeable battery and 1-hour charger

Other product advantages

    • Syneon Chip – Intelligently controlled energy for every project
    • No memory effect, no self-discharge – always ready for use thanks to lithium-ion technology
    • Particularly long life of the replaceable lithium-ion battery packs due to Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
    • Velcro-type fastening for fast and convenient sanding sheet changes
    • Two-piece sanding plate: for optimum utilisation of the sanding paper, the delta tip of the sanding paper and of the sanding plate can be effortlessly detached and rotated
    • Port for external dust extraction: adapter included in scope of delivery
    • Special ergonomics enable the tool to be operated with one or two hands, depending on position and size of the workpiece
    • One battery fits all – suitable for all DIY and garden tools in the Power for ALL lithium-ion cordless systems

Application range

  • Easy tools
    When you want simplicity.
    Corners / edges
    Sanding performance
    Standard of comparison: Cordless multi-sander (without battery and charger)

Technical key data

  • Battery voltage 10,8 V
    Orbital stroke rate 22.000 opm
    Oscillating circuit diameter 1,2 mm
    Sanding surface 104 cm²
    Machine weight 0,7 kg


  • Battery voltage
    Battery voltage
    Battery voltage
    10.8 volts
    Power automatically increases when increased pressure is applied
    Velcro-type fastening
    Velcro-type fastening
    Velcro-type fastening
    Quick and easy sanding sheet changes

Comes complete with

    • Adapter for vacuum cleaner
    • 3 sanding sheets
    Part number: 060397690B
    EAN code: 3165140886604

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